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I'm an Avid Windwalker boot wearer! Not only are they outstanding style & comfort and a REAL conversation starter but my story goes a bit deeper. I suffer from Cerebral Palsy, every step I take feels like a hot poker JAMMED in at my lower back then shoved straight down my leg through the hip and the knee right down to the heel. I've lived with it all my life. I put on my windwalkers and although they do NOT bill them in any way as therapeutic or corrective boots I can walk with very nearly no pain on good days no pain at all. The higher the boot the more support I have but even in my lowers all I really get is tired ( pretty normal given my condition) But notice I said TIRED not SORE. Windwalkers have helped me in ways words really can't say & I find it fitting that wings are a big part of their logo. Worth the wait worth the price! More grateful than words can say Relief from pain is a wonderful thing.
Edward Carpenter

Happy Customer

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